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Film production service providers with a passion: That’s why our specialized media companies have joined forces to form acamnetwork_.

The acamnetwork_: An association of specialized media companies

The acamnetwork_: the specialist teams. Experts know us and our good reputation. The acamnetwork_ is the product of four talented companies under one roof: a powerful and experienced full-service network for film production and video production.

With the acamnetwork_, customers have a direct contact person who coordinates the project, schedules the work and makes perfect use of the know-how of the specialist companies.

Shooting outside on a jetty at the lake


Since 1989 ACAM has been producing films of all kinds for German and international companies, e.g. advertising, image, travel, training, PR and recruiting films. We produce documentaries, special reports and television features for German and international broadcasters.

With twelve camera teams, ACAM is one of the largest camera service providers in the Rhine-Main area. We have 4K, 360° video technology, aerial shots, green screen/blue screen studio and more.

Postproduction employee works with a soundboard in the editing studio


AVERA is responsible for post-production, video editing and sound design in acamnetwork_. The produced films can be dubbed in our voice-over booth, mixed, encoded in the desired format and also prepared for the internet.

Among other things, we work with Avid and Premiere and offer after-effects, color correction, sound design, music, composition and vocal recording.

Graphic designer in the green screen studio draws a concept


Graphic design, animation and motion design are the specialties of MAUSMEISTER.COM. Our graphic specialists complete the media package and create everything that is needed in terms of graphics in your film.

Our graphic designers create animated explainer films, augmented reality, and even logo design, print design and whatever else is needed for your project.

dibs work table with work utensils for creative work


d!bs is the creative department in the acamnetwork_. It develops content for your film or video project. The creative team of our d!bs take up your initial idea or provide their own imspiration and develop them further into a film concept ready for implementation.

In addition, our creative minds direct and ensure that ideas and concepts are turned into high-quality films.

A film production company, founded on

technology and passion

“Fun at work,” says company founder Jürgen Rumbuchner when asked about his motivation. He already specialized in film during his studies in art and music education. After graduating, he worked as a camera assistant and freelance cameraman for a while before founding his own film production company, ACAM, in 1989.

In 1990, the first permanent contract was signed with a television station, the cornerstone for a growing company. Many more contracts in the field of TV productions followed. Today we work in the acamnetwork_ for virtually every German broadcaster.

Film production specialists under one roof

Shortly after ACAM was founded, we added the post-production company AVERA to our portfolio. Now we were able to manage complete TV and film productions under one roof.

In 2001, the graphics specialist MAUSMEISTER.COM was added. The graphics department opened up new business fields of animated graphics and explanatory films for the internet. Today, this discipline is firmly established under the term Motion Design.

Since 2001, these three companies have been operating under the joint umbrella of acamnetwork_. More recently, the creative specialist d!bs.de was brought on board to handle any film production requiring full service from one source.

The foundation of d!bs was a milestone for us. It was born out of the realization that conventional linear TV is undergoing major changes. New, interactive formats are appearing on TV and the internet, and companies are becoming film producers themselves.

New formats and complete productions for every need

With our acamnetwork_ portfolio, we have systematically expanded our customer base and are able to handle complete productions for the needs of any industry. For example, we regularly deliver video content to several customers for their YouTube, Facebook or Instagram channels. The areas of training films and live streaming are booming, not least accelerated by the Corona pandemic.

Passion drives us, but also the fun of new tools and innovative technologies. Our equipment is state-of-the-art. We jump early into new trends and current formats such as aerial photography and 360° film.

“When you see that the idea has become a film, that’s just great. It’s a great team effort. I think everyone who works here has that curiosity and fun surrounding it!”

Jürgen Rumbuchner
Managing Director

Full service for our customers

Your all-round package starts with our service desk. It’s where, all necessary steps are coordinated.

Sit back and let the experienced specialists of acamnetwork_ handle your film project.