Graphics and Design

Even a film production cannot do without design. That’s why we have our own graphics department. It ensures a strong visual appearance, no matter which medium.

MAUSMEISTER.COM: Your specialist for graphic effects in the acamnetwork_


Motion design (motion graphics) opens up a new world of art. It combines graphic and typographic elements with audiovisual technology to create moving animations.


Overcome the limits of perception! With our multi-media solutions, you not only attract attention, but also build a bridge between your print and online presence.


Make content tangible. Design logos. Develop a connection to your brand. We ensure a lasting good impression with your print advertising materials.

Graphic design by our specialist MAUSMEISTER.COM

Because graphics and graphic design are also needed for film productions, we have our own graphics department in acamnetwork_, MAUSMEISTER.COM. We take care of the graphic work around your film.

A pen and a sheet of paper are enough for our graphic designers to sketch new ideas and spawn a creative world. Ideas become drawings and drafts become animations and designs.

We have a special passion for explanatory films: We develop characters and create drawings that bring your message to life.

We’re also up to speed on the budding trend of augmented reality: our graphic artists design your app and bring print and film together to create a unique sensory experience.

We move your film all the way to publication. We prepare your video for the internet and social media (encoding). We also create promotional materials to market your film with logo design, flyers, brochures and posters.

Graphic tablet in front of a monitor, hand draws

Our graphic and motion design team