Aerial videos

Aerial shots with camera drones take the viewer into new, exciting and stimulating spheres. Make your project fly with professional drone footage!

Aerial videos: Spectacular shots with professional drone footage.

Aerial shots with a drone create a whole new perspective, because from 120 meters above the ground, the world looks completely different! They captivate the viewer. In addition, they provide valuable visual data that cannot be collected in any other way (Aerial Video). We produce spectacular and professional aerial photography in 4K for you. Not only in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main, where we are at home as a service provider, but exactly where you need it for your drone film.

Showreel: Aerial videos

What is drone videography?

Drone videography is aerial footage captured by camera drones. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle. If it is equipped with a camera, we talk about a camera drone. The drone and camera are controlled by remote control. A camera drone can stay in the air for up to 30 min. with a battery and provides footage for fascinating bird’s eye views. With the appropriate camera, 360° spherical panoramas are also possible.

Use the freedom of the remote-controlled camera for spectacular perspectives! Integrate aerial footage into your website, in your image film, your training videos or your social media channels.

A Phantom Drone in the air
Frankfurt am Main skyline

What is the advantage of aerial videos with the camera drone?

In the past, aerial videos required booking a helicopter with the appropriate equipment, which was beyond most budgets. Today’s technology with drones and cameras allows these images to be produced for a fraction of the cost and in less time.

The drone camera can be finely directed and reaches positions that a helicopter could never have reached. This creates videos from sometimes breathtaking perspectives. Just because a drone flies doesn’t mean it has to be high in the air. Video drives through buildings, close to objects or close above the ground provide completely new visual experiences.

Let the creativity and experience of our drone videography specialists inspire you. Enrich your corporate film with professional aerial footage from a breathtaking perspective!

What are aerial videos used for?

The view from above, when houses and cars look like toys, is fascinating for every viewer. This fascination of drone videography can be used in many ways: for corporate films, industrial films, advertising videos or training films. The spectacular bird’s eye view gives them even more excitement.

Use this effect for your image video to stage your event or corporate function. Showcase landscapes via drone footage in regional or tourism marketing. Use drone videos for architecture and construction projects, in the real estate sector or for documenting industrial facilities.

A new, booming field of application is visual data collection from the air, called aerial video. This method is used, for example, for ground and landscape analysis, object tracking or video mapping.

We have a wide range of experience in the various fields of application. With our professional camera drones we offer you detailed and inspiring aerial images.

A cat sniffing the drone on the ground
Drone hovers in the garden during aerial photography

What is important for professional drone videography?

Camera drones are available in a wide range. But professional aerial videos require more than just an excellent camera. Here, technology, creativity and the trained eye of the camera operator have to work together. Good aerial videos need a lot of tact and a lot of practice.

Specially trained drone operators ensure the optimal flight path, perfect camera perspectives and the necessary dramaturgy. Editing and post-processing of the drone video are also part of the job.

With us, drone professionals are at work! As a professional aerial video company, our drone operators are all highly trained and skilled. Our pilots specialize in producing images that captivate viewers.

What goes into the production of drone videography?

As a specialist for professional aerial videos, we plan the cinematic implementation together with our customers and are available as a contact throughout the entire production process. Starting with a creative concept, we develop a script, put together the technology and team, create the aerial video footage and work in post-production, e.g. effects or sound.

Aerial shots are often part of a longer video production, e.g. a sequence in a corporate film. Here, too, we coordinate shooting, direction and dramaturgy and ensure a perfect end result.

Technically, we are always up-to-date and use the latest generation of super-steady drones.

Drone in a field
Drone in the air above the treetop

How much does drone videography cost?

That can’t easily be answered across the board. The cost range for a drone film is calculated from various factors that influence the pricing in different ways.

To make your drone footage stand out from the crowd, we provide a high-quality aerial film that presents your business in the best possible way. A good, experienced camera crew and the necessary technical equipment are just two of the many areas you shouldn’t forget when producing a drone film.

However, the end result always depends on the demands and ideas of the individual client. Therefore, the price for an aerial film production is as individual as your project. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on this and adapt the production to your budget accordingly. So simply contact us without obligation by email or let us advise you directly over the phone!