Training video

With well-made training videos, instructional films or tutorials, learning is fun. Knowledge can be successfully conveyed in this way.

Training video / tutorial: the perfect way to impart knowledge

Whether learning is successful depends strongly on the didactic preparation and the media used. Videos can be extremely helpful. In a training video, the educational material is presented in a clear, appealing and, at the same time, entertaining way. As an experienced film production company, we are your partner for the concept and professional implementation of your training or teaching video!

Showreel: Training video/ Tutorial

What is a training video?

Training or instructional films, are a didactic tool for imparting knowledge and supporting learning through the means of film. They are used in school lessons, at universities and adult education, but also for further training in companies like tutorials for users of a product or software. Training videos are typically longer than explanatory films and often use animated graphics in addition to live film.

Video platforms, remote work and e-learning are now firmly established. You too can rely on this efficient and sustainable way of imparting knowledge. Use professionally produced training videos and tutorials.

Shooting for a training video, Colourful cups on a screen
Training video Shooting at a car manufacturer

What are the advantages of a training video/tutorial?

Knowledge that is visually well prepared is more easily grasped by the brain. Training videos and tutorials are lively, informative and modern. The educational material can be prepared not only vividly, but also stimulatingly. In addition, the learner can watch the content several times, repeat important points and thus determine his or her own speed.

Such videos can also be provided with interactive elements. This turns the passive recording of learning material into an interactive virtual lesson tailored to the user’s learning needs, providing a particularly lasting effect.

Educational films conserve your resources. You can prepare your content once and then make it available to as many users as you like. Users, in turn, have easier access to the material, can use it remotely, and thus save on travel costs. Another aspect is that the content can be kept constantly up-to-date by replacing parts of the video.

What are training videos used for?

Such films are used, for example, in school lessons, at universities, in adult education or also for further training in companies. Training films also include operational instruction films (video manuals) and tutorials for users of products or software.

Training videos/educational films are important components of e-learning and remote instruction, but can also be used in face-to-face events to liven them up. Tutorials are often used on websites or find their distribution via video channels such as YouTube and Vimeo as well as social media platforms.

Depending on the area of application, your video should have the appropriate length, visual language and tonality. Let our experienced team of specialists advise you!

Shooting training video at a car manufacturer, tutor explains mechanics of engine parts
Film set training video at a car manufacturer, two gentlemen are talking

What is important in such videos?

Do you want to teach subject matter by video? Do you want to train seminar participants, customers or employees? Or do you want to train individuals in the use of your product or software? No matter what your learning objectives are, it is important to translate them well into an instructional video.

This includes a didactically good structure and a narrative dramaturgy, as well as strong, meaningful images and good voiceovers. Text and image work together and reinforce the learning success. Therefore, the image and text must be designed together. To plan all this well, you first need a clear idea of your target group.

As experienced producers, we go through all these points with you, work them into the shoot and ensure perfect implementation.

How does the production of such a video proceed?

The starting point is the content you want to convey. Together with you, we convert this content into a film concept, suggest the appropriate implementation and consider the dramaturgy and the didactic approach.

We then implement the concept as desired, whether as a film shoot, with animated graphics or a mixture of both. Together with the voice-overs, music and sound effects, your individual instructional film / training film or tutorial for the web is finally created.

We produce exactly the film you need. Our team of experienced copywriters, scriptwriters, cinematographers, graphic artists and animators looks forward to assisting you with your educational film project.

Camera man films two gentlemen in front of an electric petrol pump
Camera takes footage of tutor for a training video in a studio

What does a training film / tutorial / instructional video cost?

The cost range is wide and is customized for your needs and resources. To achieve your instructional goals, you need a high-quality film that conveys the content in the best possible way.

That being said, there is wiggle room when it comes to implementation. Is a team with multiple camera operators necessary? Do we need multiple days of shooting? Which locations will be considered? Should we work with graphic animations? How much post-production is required, e.g. do you want music, graphic texts or a subtitles? ?

All these factors make the price for your training film or video tutorial as individual as your project itself. As experienced film producers also in the field of educational films/training films/tutorials, we will be happy to advise you on this. Just get in touch with us and let’s talk!