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Set the stage for your corporate video! Move and persuade audiences with PR films, product films, trade fair films, event films, recruiting videos and more.

Image films/ Corporate videos: Your individual company presentation

We create corporate videos for your corporate communications, product films, trade fair films, event films, recruiting videos and more. We take up your wishes and implement advantages. Off-the-shelf image videos are not our thing. Trust in our 30+ years of experience in the success of film productions and let us put your company in the spotlight professionally.

Showreel: Image films/ Corporate videos

What is an image film?

An image film – also called a corporate film or corporate video – is a short video introducing a company or institution. In addition to information, it also conveys the brand and the values of the organization. Therefore, an image film is an important building block in corporate communications, and for company branding. Especially through social media, these films are gaining more and more importance today.

Use a corporate film to stand out from the competition! With hardly any other marketing tool you can convey your message in such a short and impressive form, clarify your corporate values and evoke emotions.

Cameraman films a music band

How is an image film made?

From the idea to the finished film, there are numerous steps involving creative individuals, concept shapers, copywriters, and filmmakers. The film production team takes your wishes, develops initial ideas and works them further into a story and a script. Goals, time frame and budget are set. This is finally followed by a shooting schedule. Only then does the actual production begin. You already have an idea? Then we build on it.

You are still looking for an idea? No problem. Our experienced creative team is at your disposal. We love telling stories and taking the time to bring them to life with you.

How does the production of an image film proceed?

Once the preliminary work is done, the actual filming begins. Depending on the requirements, lighting, sound and equipment are set up at the locations specified in the shooting schedule. The camera team shoots the planned sequences, and a production manager coordinates who goes in front of the camera and when.

Depending on requirements, texts and music are added, as well as external visual material if necessary. In post-production, we cut, refine, add sound and finally create the final product.

Most of our camera teams consist of permanent employees who are perfectly attuned to each other. We are convinced that not only the best technology is necessary for a successful shoot, but also the human side must be right. That’s why we attach great importance to harmonious cooperation and personal contact.

Cameramen on a steel tube above the water shooting an image film
Camera films a young woman on the river bank

How do client and film producer work together?

Corporate films are a very personal and delicate task. That is why individual consultation with the customer is particularly important. It’s your film, so YOUR wishes and ideas should be clarified in advance and the possibilities of implementation discussed – including terms of budget and time frame.

Your image film is also unique for us. We advise you with our know-how and plan the entire course of the project together with you. In doing so, we speak at eye level: we are film production professionals, but none of us knows your company as well as you do.

We make sure that your ideas and wishes are implemented to your satisfaction. In the end, you should receive a top product that will win you enthusiastic customers and fans.

What does an image film cost?

Flat rates for an image film can hardly be estimated seriously. The cost range is calculated from various factors: What are the client’s expectations and demands? What technical equipment, what facilities are needed? How big does the team have to be? What time frame is available? How time-consuming is it to reach and film the location? Should special effects or special technology be used?

We do not deliver standard image videos. Therefore, the price for your image film production is as individual as your project. But you can be sure that we will respect your budget limits and get the best for you within this framework.

Camera display shows the skyline of Frankfurt