360-degree videos

With a 360-degree video, you put your viewers right in the middle of the action. Wherever they look, they experience the video all around. Create captivating experiences with an all-around view!

360-degree videos: Take your viewers into the action

Professional recordings with the 360-degree camera give your audience a whole new visual experience. They experience themselves in the middle of the action and can look in any direction as if they were really there. Use this impressive 360-degree video technology, for example, for virtual events, tours, product presentations, gaming and other captivating experiences. Ideal for showing places up close that your viewers can’t get to.

Showreel: 360-degree video

What is 360-degree video?

This video format uses cameras with multiple lenses that capture images in all directions, both horizontally and vertically. The simultaneously generated footage is combined into a single video in post-production, giving viewers an all-round view from all perspectives. This creates particularly strong, emotional impressions. 360-degree films can be viewed on a cell phone, tablet or computer, with the image section being changed by swiping or using the mouse. However, the perfect user experience with the feeling of being in the middle of the filmed space is best conveyed by VR glasses.

Amaze and inspire your target groups with a 360° film! Bring them into your virtual space, let them participate in the action. Take advantage of the lasting impression that such a video can create!

360 degree camera and our team in front of the Toronto skyline
360 degree camera and our team in front of the Toronto skyline

What are the advantages of 360-degree videos?

360-degree movies have a real added value compared to traditional storytelling. They create more impressive experiences, are more intense in perception and thus have a more lasting effect. Viewers can actively look around in all directions. With VR glasses and a film shot with 360-degree technology, they even get the impression that they are no longer viewers but part of the action themselves.

This technology is already supported on many video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Social media platforms such as Facebook have also recognized the great potential and offer the option of uploading and embedding such videos.

For companies, this opens up exciting new opportunities to captivate customers, employees or visitors to their homepage. A 360° film creates experiences that last.

What are 360° videos used for?

Not all interested parties can attend your event? You want to present your showroom even if your customers are somewhere else? You want to sell a property, but it would be too expensive to bring every potential buyer there? The solution is a 360-degree video.

With such a film, you present your location, trade fair stand or showroom as if the viewer were physically there. Use this fascinating tool also for training and education. The application possibilities are endless.

Let yourself be inspired by the numerous possibilities of a 360-degree video! Use this innovative form of communication to expand and strengthen your customer relationships in virtual space as well.

Film flap with 360 degree inscription
Tiny Planet Picture Toronto Downtown

What is important in a 360-degree video?

These videos give the viewer the realistic feeling of being right there. Unlike a standard video, the field of vision is not limited to one perspective, but the viewer can look in all directions: up – down – right or left. This makes the viewer’s experience much more intense than when watching a classic video.

This makes it all the more important to carefully plan the dramaturgy of the 360-degree video and implement it perfectly. This requires a lot of experience in dealing with the 360-degree perspective. In addition, an excellent camera as well as know-how in post-production.

As an experienced video service provider with outstanding technical equipment, we put your ideas in 360° into the limelight. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that arise from this new technology.

How does the production of a 360-degree film proceed?

We are specialists in 360-degree video production and will be happy to advise you on the possible applications and implementation. You only have a vague idea, but no concrete vision yet? Together with our creative team we develop a film idea, the storyboard and the script. You already have an idea? Then we take it up and develop it until it is ready for implementation.

We put together the technology and the team, create the video material and edit it in post-production, add text, sound or special effects. During the entire production process, we are available as a contact partner.

360 degree shot of Toronto skyline
360 degrees during an event

What does a 360-degree film cost?

The production is very different from that of a conventional film. Special cameras and software are used for 360-degree video. Nevertheless, the costs for such a production are comparable to those of a classic film, so they do not mean higher expenses per se.

The price of your 360-degree film is as individual as your project. To make your 360° video stand out from the crowd, we offer you a high-quality film that presents your company in the best possible way. A good, experienced camera team as well as the necessary equipment are just two of the many areas you should not leave out of the budget when producing a 360-degree video.

The costs of your film depend on your individual requirements, desired special effects, furthermore the location, your time constraints and last but not least your budget, which we of course respect. We will be happy to advise you and listen to you, so that in the end you will get exactly the film you wanted.