Live broadcasts

Livestreams are an interesting alternative or supplement to face-to-face events. Digital extras add value and special appeal.

Livestreams: Event experiences digital and borderless

Livestreaming is booming, not least since alternatives to face-to-face events have proliferated as a result of the Corona pandemic. Many companies have discovered the potential of this format. And live videos are more than a mere substitute: thanks to digital technology, they are an interesting alternative or even supplement to classic conference, training and convention formats. With live streaming, you can be the one on-air.

Showreel: Live broadcasts

What is a livestream?

They are real-time video broadcasts over the internet. Unlike media streaming, where an audio or video file is merely accessed via stream (on demand), live streaming involves the transmission of sound and images in real time. This makes the format suitable for events that participants can follow live on screen.

Livestreams will become increasingly important in the future because they add many possibilities to face-to-face events. Use the experience of a professional service provider for your livestreaming project!

Shooting the training video in a car repair shop
Setup and our employees during a shoot for a training video

What are livestreams used for?

The areas of application are diverse. They are used, for example, in continuing education in the form of remote events or webinars. In customer and market communication, livestreams can be used for conventions and trade fairs. In PR and journalism, similarly, live interviews play an important role. Sports and music events, gala evenings and much more can be broadcast on the internet.

In combination with your website, your social media channels and other platforms, you can use livestreaming to offer your target groups real added value and position yourself as a multiplier for valuable content. Benefit from our experience with live videos and video content.

What are the advantages of a livestream?

The advantages over a face-to-face event are obvious: no travel costs, no time spent traveling to and from the event, and participants can tune in from anywhere in the world. For this reason alone, this format is interesting for many companies.

What’s more, the streamed event can be recorded and made permanently available. Your participants can watch the content that interests them at their own pace afterwards. And excerpts of the stream can be prepared as short video clips for your website or social media channels.

Setup and our employees during a shoot for a training video
Training video setup for the speaker with camera, light setup, screen

How many cameras are needed for a livestream?

Professional livestreaming is more than just setting up a camera and filming an event. With multiple cameras interesting cuts and perspective changes are possible. The use of a handheld camera can bring even more liveliness to the video stream. This way, the event can be presented in a dramaturgically exciting way.

The quality of the equipment is also important. Good cameras are needed because a loss of image quality is to be expected during data transmission. At the same time, the video data must be compressed quickly in the camera so that it can be transferred to the encoder/PC in real time.

As an established camera service provider, we have excellent equipment for multi-camera productions in the field of livestreaming.

Do you need trained camera operators for live streams?

Many event technicians also operate a camera. But it’s the staff that makes the difference. Trained camera operators have valuable experience and the right eye for camera positions and settings. They don’t just film, they tell stories with the camera. That’s how live video conveys the whole atmosphere of your event.

Directing is just as important. A director keeps an eye on everything, controls the cuts and shapes the dramaturgy of the video stream. The more complex the event, the more important it is that the director plans settings and sequences with you in advance and briefs the participants.

With an experienced team for camera and direction, you as the event organizer have maximum security for your livestream.

Setup and our employees during a shoot for a training video
Shooting for a training video at a car manufacturer

How much does a livestream cost?

The cost range is wide. What kind of event is it? How long will it last, how many cameras are needed on site, how much travel is required?

Together with you, we will discuss what is the best solution for your requirements and your resources. As experienced film producers and service providers for livestreaming, we will be happy to advise you. Just get in touch with us and let’s talk!