A film is like life, but with the boring parts edited out. The finishing touches bring your film to life. Our team works skillfully and intuitively.

AVERA: your specialist for postproduction in the acamnetwork_


Editing is where pictures become stories! Editing suites with the latest technology and our experienced editors with a flair for special images get the best out of the footage for your film.


Refine your film with a special look. Our excellent staff will make your film shine with high-resolution images, after-effects, motion graphics or color correction for a brilliant film experience.


Last but not least, perfect sound ensures the quality of your film. This is where the staff from our sound department come in. We dub, mix, compose and create worlds of sound.

Fine-tuning for the film:
AVERA is our post-production specialist

Once the images have been shot, the fine tuning begins. At acamnetwork_, AVERA is responsible for editing and post-production. Our editors ensure the perfect interplay of image and sound, both in HD and 4K.

The finished edited films can be mixed at Avera and dubbed in the voiceover booth. In addition, 2D/3D animations, fonts and graphics can be used to add another layer to the film.

Finally, our sound department provides the perfect tone. We can even compose music that fits your project perfectly, like a tailor-made suit.