Explainer films

There’s no such thing as “can’t,” even in video. Is your topic too abstract, too complex or too elaborate for a real film? Get your message across with an animated explainer video.

Explainer video: With an animated film you can say anything

Explainer videos combine the strengths of motion pictures with the freedom of graphic design and animation. This allows you to show processes step by step, reduce complex things to the essentials and explain complicated processes in a comprehensible way. With an animated video, you can get to the heart of your message in a short and clean way.

Showreel: Explainer film

What is an explainer video?

The aim of this video format is to explain facts briefly and concisely using cinematic means. Typically, animated graphics are used for this purpose, often supported by text and/or speech. Explainer videos are used, for example, to show functions, describe processes, or convey abstract topics clearly. Unlike training/teaching films, explainer videos are usually very short and use real footage only in exceptional cases.

Videos and animations are finding more and more fans. Whether on your website, on video channels or in social media: Take advantage of this trend to convincingly communicate your topics with professionally created explainer films.

Excerpt from an explainer film, camera crew filming a film star
Graphic savannah

What are the advantages of an animated explainer video?

This format is particularly well suited for communicating complex topics in an easily understandable and tangible way. Contents are brought to the point in a short and concise way. The use of graphics and the reduction to the essentials leaves more room for the transmission of your message.

It is often difficult to illustrate such content in a traditional film. Sometimes it concerns future projects that do not even exist yet, or the costs for the production of a traditional film would be too high.

The advantages of explainer videos are obvious: There are no travel costs, no actors to be paid, the production is weather-independent and there are, literally, no limits to the imagination.

What are animated explainer videos used for?

The areas of application are diverse. Animated explainer videos are suitable, for example, for product presentations or to introduce your service, similar to an animated digital brochure. You can use them for simple service requests as well.

You can illustrate planning, concepts and strategies with explainer videos. For employee training and recruiting, you can clarify structures and processes of your company, convey guidelines in a lively way, and prepare appealing e-learning content.

Our team of specialists will be happy to advise you on the various areas of application and take a look at our sample explainer videos!

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What is important for professional explainer videos?

Moving images are in vogue. Especially when it comes to receiving information, many people today prefer videos over dry texts. That’s why explainer videos have the very best chance of reaching their target groups and getting their messages across in a strong and modern way.

This makes it all the more important that your videos do more than convey information well. For a lasting effect, they should be unique, entertaining and likeable. They should work with storytelling, create an arc of suspense, and use animated characters that provide identification and emotion as sympathetic figures. This way, your target group will also be touched emotionally.

Our animation professionals understand this. They work in your chosen drawing style and with production techniques that fit your theme and your target group. We don’t use character templates and standard animations, but draw exclusively for you.

How does the production of such a video proceed?

You tell us what you want to show with your film and our team of experienced copywriters, graphic designers and animators work with you to develop an idea and the first sketches. From this we develop a concept and suggest different character styles for the realization.

In the next step, our motion designers render the drawings according to your ideas and breathe life into them. Together with the appropriate music, sound effects and voice-over, the result is a modern and appealing animated film that perfectly conveys your message.

Throughout the production process, we will be there to help and advise you. We love telling stories and taking the time to bring them to life together with you.

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Excerpt from the explanatory film, Dino and graphic artist under water

What does an animated explainer video cost?

The price of your explainer film is as individual as your project. It is calculated from various factors that we clarify with each other in the preliminary discussion.

To ensure that your video stands out from the crowd, we work with graphics created individually for you by experienced motion designers. Of course, we will be happy to advise you and adapt the production to your budget. So simply contact us without obligation by email or let us advise you directly over the phone!

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