Children are told stories to fall asleep – adults to wake up. Storytelling is your way into the hearts and minds of your customers. With creativity, your idea comes to life!

d!bs: The creative department in the acamnetwork_


Without ideas, the world would stand still. Ideas make your corporate messages come to life. We tell your story with a special film experience.


Nobody can resist a good story. We develop concepts for you that hit the nail on the head and fit your company perfectly.


Between the idea and the finished film lie a lot of work and coordination. That’s our job. We make sure that your idea comes to life.

Flashes of inspiration for your film creation: d!bs is our creative department

You need a film for your company, your organization or your project, but you don’t have a concrete idea yet? Then take advantage of the potential of our creative department. You’ve come to the right place with our creative team at d!bs.

Storyboard board with many drawings
Keyboard on which typing takes place

Developing your film idea

There’s nothing people remember better than stories that move them – whether around the campfire or on the internet. Our creative department develops content for your film that will inspire your audience.

From initial brainstorming to structured work on our creative ideas: We juggle ideas and their potential until we find exactly the right content for your company.

Throughout the entire production process, we remain your contact for all questions and suggestions regarding implementation.

With know-how and experience from conception to realization

We turn an idea into a meaningful story and then on to a script that culminates with realization. What drives us is the will to captivate and inspire your audience.

But the script is not the end of the story. We make shooting schedules, find locations for your film and coordinate the process with you closely. Our team of directors and camera operators guide the work on set and breathe life into the film.

At acamnetwork_, everyone works for the success of your film, ensuring a smooth process and a perfect end result.

Storyboard on a work table
Storyboard board with many drawings

Creative partner for your film project

From the first idea to the finished film, we accompany you and are always there for you.

We do our creative work with passion. Off-the-shelf is not our thing! We focus on individual solutions for every challenge.

A close and trusting cooperation is important to us because trust is the basis for a successful project.